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your dose of methotrexate tablets and when you take it will depend on the condition that is being treated.

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22 other dmards, such as methotrexate, did not have enough evidence to prove their effect.

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, 6 tg, methotrexate, tacrolimus, cyclophosphamide, or cyclosporine within the last 3 months; in case of treatment with azathioprine or 6 mp the drugs have to be used for maintenance of remission only and dosage has to be unchanged within the last 3 months before baseline visit and during the study, treatment with ketoconazole or other cyp3a inhibitors within the last month before baseline visit, treatment with anti-tnf-alpha therapy within 3 months before baseline visit, conventional steroids iv, po, rectal within 2 weeks before baseline visit, 6 mg d budesonide po within 2 weeks before baseline visit, steroids for inhalation within 2 weeks before baseline visit, patients known to be steroid-refractory, treatment of study disease with oral antibiotics e.

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1 methotrexate improvement levels are unsatisfactory .

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because methotrexate is the generic alternative for , there is no manufacturer-sponsored prescription assistance program for methotrexate 2.


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